Paint the Town Red

I think I found the point at which school really ramps up in anticipation for the end of the semester. Help!

I spent the entire weekend working on those publicity posters for our residence hall week (and I have to adjust them and alter the layout of some for different poster dimensions by Thursday!) and I got roped into helping with a friend’s campaign for student government. I designed his logo and cover photo on his Facebook page, and then I stayed until Midnight helping paint his sandwich boards. 

All I’m going to say is – he’d better win! Or else I got red paint on my sweatshirt for NOTHING. 😉

Publicity Stunt

Check out the front of the promotional card I designed. *shameless brag*

Check out the front of the promotional card I designed. *shameless brag*

My first (unofficial) job in publicity, guys!

I’ve been a part of my school’s residence hall association for the entirety of this year. My official position is Historian – which means I just have to show up at events and take pictures.

But now I’ve become the Head of the Publicity Committee for our upcoming Residence Hall Week.

And I’ve had my first taste of working overtime – spending the past eight hours in the library working on designing posters, promotional cards, school newspaper ads, and banners. [If the fact that it took me over twelve hours to put together the t-shirt design two weeks ago is any indicator, I’ll be working for quite awhile longer.]

If (no! WHEN!) I finish these promo designs, my next job is to come up with our marketing strategy to get as many students as we can to come to the kick-off event!

This is what I was born to do, baby!

XOXO, Laura

Meeting Upon Meeting

This week might kill me, guys. 

I’ve had meeting after meeting after meeting! And to top it all off, I had a huge research paper and two tests. 

I keep reminding myself that if (WHEN!) I work in publishing, this will be the pace of my New York life. But for now, I just want to curl up with hot chocolate and watch Dance Moms until the weekend! 

Who has fun plans this weekend?

XOXO Laura 

Goodbye, Weekly SNL Scorecard!

HuffPost’s SNL Scorecard is on it’s way out!

Mike Ryan, Senior Entertainment Writer over at the Huffington Post, announced on this week’s scorecard of SNL that this will be his last season of scoring the show on a weekly basis.

This week’s SNL, hosted by Justin Timberlake, was episode #16 of the season. An SNL season is usually comprised of around 22 episodes, meaning we have only 6 scorecards left!

For two seasons at HuffPost (and one on Movieline!), Ryan has rated each episode of Saturday Night Live, outlining the good, the bad, and the ugly sketches of the night. Each sketch is graded, and each episode receives an overall score.

Although I didn’t always agree with what Ryan had to say about some of the sketches, it has always been interesting to hear his opinions and to understand other perspectives of my favorite (and least favorite!) sketches!

Here is where you can find Mike Ryan’s most recent SNL Scorecard: ‘SNL’ Scorecard: Justin Timberlake Joins The Five Timers Club 

Is anyone else heartbroken?

Book Review: Shelter Me

My first official book review for Book Crate! Bear with me, guys, as I get used to this.


The Book: Shelter Me, by Juliette Fay

The Basics: Janie is dealing with the aftermath of her husband’s death, surrounding herself in the comforts of her two young children as she struggles to accept that her entire life is changing. Her mourning is interrupted by the arrival of a contractor who has a plan to add a porch onto her house – her husband’s last gift to her.

On her journey of heartbreak, loss, and forgiveness, she is surprised by the caring support system that surrounds her in the form of her aunt, pushy neighbors, cousins, and even the porch-building contractor himself. As the construction on her home takes place, so does Janie’s discovery that she doesn’t have to face the uncertain future alone.

The Good:

  • I have never lost a husband or anyone within my immediate family. Despite the fact that this wasn’t a situation that I could relate to, the way that Fay wrote this story made me feel Janie’s pain – I experienced her emotions with her. [Not to say that I was depressed when reading it, but you certainly do get a sense of taking the journey of healing with her.]
  • I fell in love with the characters almost instantly. It takes a lot of craft to create such a likeable character, but Janie is so wonderfully flawed. Fay approached writing Janie’s thoughts from such a realistic perspective that I believed her at every point of her emotional range – her relief, her anger, her loneliness all felt incredibly real to me.
  • This is a book about love and loss and adversity. And yet, Fay incorporates a significant amount of humor. Not only did her surprising use of humor distract from the more emotionally heavy moments, but it presented the important lesson of learning to laugh at life sometimes.

The Bad (and the Ugly):

  • Even though I enjoyed reading the novel, it was too long. There was too much included in the plot of the book that made it feel fragmented. For example – the inclusion of a possible romance with the preacher was completely unnecessary to the storyline. Initially, it seems like it will add even greater conflict to her relationships with the contractor and her dead husband. And then, all of a sudden, that storyline completely disappears in the middle of the book.
  • The explicit sex scene would have been so much more impactful if it had merely been hinted at. It added nothing to the story and I felt voyeuristic reading it!
  • The book is written mainly in very close third person; however, there are also first-person narrative journal entries written from Janie’s perspective. As nice as it was to have an outlet to directly view Janie’s thoughts, I felt that including these journal entries was redundant and nonessential. Most of the time, these entries were simply recapping what had already happened.

Czech, please!

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

I’ve been in a dreamy mood all day. I spent the morning curled up with a good book, and a significant portion of the afternoon researching apartments in Brooklyn. If I can convince myself that surviving off ramen noodles for a few more years after college won’t kill me, I can maybe afford a 1 BR apartment in Clinton Hill. 

In unrelated news, I also did some research on potential study abroad trips this weekend. I’m leaning very strongly towards a semester in Prague. (Czech, please! – Oh, gracious. Just think of the Czech-related pun possibilities!) 

Heads up for my upcoming review of a book I just finished: Shelter Me (Juliette Fay) – I’m hoping to have it up by the end of the day! 

XOXO Laura 

I Love Free Books

Free books, guys! (Come on – I KNOW I’m not the only person who should be excited by this!)

I’m new to the Goodreads game – but check out what I’m currently reading in the widget on the right!

Hannah Karena Jones

How many of you use Goodreads? [counts hands]

How many of you enter into those Goodreads giveaways? [counts hands]

If you didn’t raise your hand for one or both of the above questions, CHANGE THIS RIGHT NOW. If you love books–which I assume you do, if you’re reading this, because I talk about them quite a bit on the blog and I can only imagine that would be annoying for non-book lovers–you obviously also love free books, right? With reading habits as ferocious as ours, free books (and bookstore gift cards!) are pretty much the best gifts of all time.

Goodreads has wormed its way even deeper into my heart by gifting me two free books in the past two weeks! They weren’t gifts, really, I won them by entering the giveaways, but they FEEL like gifts!

Happy Birthday to me.

According to Goodreads, Family Pictures

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